this blog??
the idea come when this morning i design a pic..
and then i think i want to make my own blog that contains all my pic that i have editted..

still remember when i started edit pic when i was in form??
can`t remember =p

in that time, i just use PAINT software ~quiet tough actually ..
after a next year i started using a MICROSOFT POWER POINT ~quiet interesting and more flexible..

after i further my study.. i started interested in PHOTOSHOP software..
so, i take that software from my coursemate..
seems like more interesting and i tried it for a first time but seems like PHOTOSHOP more complicated but more easier and many function actually.. thanks to my photoshop teacher?? miss farhana.. really appreciate it..
NEXT,i found website that have a ONLINE IMAGE EDITING tools that gives users a fun filled experience.
more creative actually.. for example:photo effects,photo editing,image editing,image effects,image editors,myspace photo and others..

before i forget i also edit a pic using a HANDPHONE..not bad actually~
thats all ~
enjoy my blog contains and for every comment i will appriciate it and THANK YOU =)

##sorry if my english quiet bad actually =`( and any mistake just tell me ...thanx2
14 may 2009..13.40 p.m..


Anonymous said...

enough good already. kalu aku dapt art2 yang baru aku cakap gan kau keyh

UNKNOWN GiRLz said...

if lestari ada pendapat bout my pic..
sgt2 dialu2kn
cyg kamOOoO..