40 things

masa tweet2..jumpe something yang macam menarik tapi macam malas plak nk tweet sampai 40..
so..kumpulkan mana2 yang macam best that  'about me' ;)
"diff. people diff. intereset".. as well as we are happy right?!!


1.I could not live without music.
2.I hate sleeping in the pitch dark
3. I love to dance , I always dance all over the house :p
4.I'm selfish at times??
5.I like guys that sings & play α̲̅ny instrument very well.
6. I really don't care what people have to say about me if its not positive
7.I like twitter better than facebook.
8. I want to learn other langauges especially japanese etc.
9.I'm extremely funny with my friends and extremely serious with others but it's temporary
10.I want to know what it feels like to have someone be "all about me".

1. I really want a job where I can travel because I like 2 see new stuff
2. I can dance, can't sing, can freestyle a lil bit...I like to have fun in everything I do!
3.If I had a job I'll be more happier with my life honestly.
4.I don't like candy but I do love chocolate without nut
5. I LOVE the Beach & Boradwalk,, if ibcould live down the shore I would! :)
6. I just really want a boyfriend one that will treat me like a princess each and everyday...
7.i can be shy at times...until u get to kno me.
8.I'm Not A Person You Would Like To Have A Fight With..
9.i laugh, alot. somtimes too much.
10. I can be strict and over protective at times

1.i automatically loose respect for those who smoke, just sayin, i couldnt resist standing next to a smoker for 5 seconds.
2. I am in love with a person who makes me smile everyday and want to believe all things I had once thought impossible.
3.I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad
4. Still waiting for my prince
5. i dream of going to Paris especially venice area
6.Im not a player, I just crush alot.
7.I dislike one word texts....
8. i always wonder if i would leave an impact on people if i was gone..??
9.i could sometimes be very rude and annoying
10. I always need to keep myself busy, I get bored easily

1. my favorite colors are white & purple.
2. I tend to get very quiet too when things are on my mind.
3. i have the bestest friends and family in the world:)
4. I got homesick my first semester
5. I love traveling new places
6. I love helping ppls
7. I really can't stand of fake ppl and bullying.
8. i like to draw..i wldnt say i was an expert but it calms me down when im bored or pissed
9. i give people trust & then when they abuse it, it's a done deal, all trust is gone.
10.When a person smiles at me (no matter the situation or who they might be), I feel relaxed and at ease
thats all.. no matter what we are.. just keep living KEEP LAUGHING.. btw, have a HAPPY WEEKEND n TC! =)


ezzu said...

dlm byk2 perkara tentang awk tu ad jgak yg sama dgne ezzu...hehehehe.. tp x semua lh...

ahleng ariKen said...

i love traveling and exploring new things too..boleh bukak mata,tambah pengalaman..heheh

nailofar said...

and i am really2 thankfull to get to noe u dear!~

QuiNn ZhOuRa said...


Farihah Ahmad said...

ha'ah eksaited je time baca tweet org sal #40things nih.

unknown girlz said...

@ ezzu
hehe..ok la..ada gak yang same tu ;)

@ahleng ariKen
kan? banyak manfaat yg boleh dapat.. :)

me too! semoga friendship kite terus kekal.insyaAllah :D

@QuiNn ZhOuRa
=) *senyum tak prlu kata apa2.

@Farihah Ahmad
haha..xcited suda.. bagus3 ;)